What’s the secret behind those perfectly shaped chips in a bottle?

Mystery solved, friends! It is now time to share some hot news with you.

There have always been many big and important questions in life… At the moment though, the one we really care about the most concerns the perfectly wave shaped chips you can find in a bottle.
Take the most famous american company, Pringles, when we thought about it we immediately ask ourselves: HOW can they make the chips in such an identical shape? Is there maybe a magical reason we still haven’t discovered yet, like a unicorn superpower we haven’t found?

Don’t worry, it is easier than we have ever thought!

You don’t just eat ’em.™ You pinch ’em.

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The making process is simply divided into some big steps, as for every other commercial product you can find out there, but it is actually really interesting to see how it works and what these major Companies though when they decided to start this business. The whole chip is not entirely made of potatoes but it comes from a dough mix of potatoes, water and starch. Once the dough is made, it goes into a machine that cuts it in thousands of smaller pieces, ready to be moved on rollers and fried, then dried. No extra oil stays in, as some people might think, no worries.


Take a look at this video Discovery Channel released and finally get some answers!
Then we want to know your thoughts of course :)



Ever wondered why did they chose that particular shape & package? That is definitely a step further but maybe we will lucky enough to get an answer in the future 😉


Stay tuned!

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