An Unmissable Experience For Nature Lovers: Møns Klint

The most spectacular cliff in Denmark is only two-hours drive away from Copenhagen!!!

The most spectacular cliff in Denmark is only a two-hour drive away from Copenhagen. Make a day out of driving to the amazing Møns Klint and enjoy the beautiful nature at the same time as you learn more about Denmark’s past.

Møns Klint is a cliff that was formed by the sea during the last ice age, as a mixture of calcium, limestone and shells got compressed by ice. As the ice age passed, the ice melted away and left a beautiful cliff. Today Møns Klint is a very popular destination during the summer, you are able to walk down the cliff and walk around in the beach, and if you are lucky, you might even find a fossil.

The beach is also very unique because, instead of sand, the ground is covered with chalk and limestones. These stones give the beach its unique white color, it is a perfect sport for a picnic or snack. At the top of the cliff there is a restaurant, a museum, and a few nature paths that you can walk through. The cliff has been around for so long, that a forest has managed to grow on top, and there are a few paths that you can walk through and enjoy the nature. However, I would really recommend that you challenge yourself and climb down the cliff through the endless stair case, it is a sight you will not forget.


The museum at the top, or to be more accurate, the exhibition hall, features three family oriented activities. The interactive exhibition, is a time travel journey in which you revert back for 70 million years and learn about how Denmark looked like back then, and what type of animals roamed around. You will also get a chance to climb down a cave, watch a 3D short movie about prehistoric times, and participate on different workshops.

The 3D movies are prehistoric times themed, one featuring dinosaurs and the other featuring monsters of the sea which used to roam the earth 70 million years ago. National Geographic produced these films so rest assured that it is something the whole family can enjoy (not just for kids).

The third exhibition is newer and more exclusive. It uses images, videos and 3D animations to tell the fascinating story of the first ever dinosaurs that walked the earth 210 – 230 million years ago. You will also learn about how paleontologist and geologist work together to solve the mysteries behind how these animals lived.

It you want to see more information about how to get there, the exhibitions and the movies featured at the museum, see the following link:


It is an unforgettable experience that I would truly recommend this summer.




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