For Those In Need Of A Taco Fix: Great Latin American Food In Copenhagen

Good Mexican or Latin American Food can be tricky to find. Here we tell you where to find it!

If you don’t know how to sort out the bad restaurants, you might end up having a meal that is not at all Latin American and often very unhealthy. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a plate of crunchy nachos with yellow oozing cheese and a side of guacamole will be just what I want, but if you are looking for something just a bit more sophisticated, stick around and find out where you can get good quality Latin American food in Copenhagen

Before you even begin to think ‘oh but that is not a REAL taco’, I want to make it explicit that I am not promising 100% authenticity, but what I am promising you is an amazing Latin American inspired meal.



This restaurant is very casual, as a place that offers burritos should be. However, it has earned its place because it is simply offers the best burritos I have ever tasted. This restaurant surely follows the motto ‘less is more’. Their menu is simple, you choose between braised veal, chipotle chicken or achiote pork, and then you decide if you would rather have a burrito or two tacos. Simple as that but utterly delicious. If you decide to go, I truly recommend that you order a side of plantain chips and guacamole, the salty plantain combined with the freshness of the guacamole complement your meal so perfectly!

Burrito @ Barburrito

Where: Skindergade 36 Basement, Copenhagen


La Hija de Sánchez

This is a Taqueria (Taco stand), with a mix of Mexican and European flavors. Their concept involve using products as similar to Mexico as possible, working directly with farmers in Mexico importing their corn and having a research and development team, trying to find the best products possible in Europe and Mexico to create the signature Tacos of Hija De Sanchez.  Their tortillas are made of maize (corn) dough, from freshly prepared hominy.    In case you don’t know it, maize dough is also used for making corn tamales, pupusas, and many other Latin-American delicatessen.   Don’t miss the amazing “Lakrids Paleta”, which is a homemade ice pop made of chocolate, lakrids and cacao nibs.  La Hija de Sánchez is highly recommended if you want to taste the authentic Mexican flavors, with an European twist.

La Suavecita, Tacos y Modelo! #denmark #copenhagen #lahijadesanchez #tacos

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Visit any of their two places:


Llama Restaurant & Bar

Llama is the place to be if you want a hot, delicious and exotic Latin American meal. Everything about this restaurant is astonishing. From the food, to the restaurant’s design, to atmosphere they set. Llama is more than a restaurant, it is a bar and a trendy nightclub as well. But don’t worry, your dinner will not be interrupted by loud music or dancing. The nightclub opens up at 23:30, at which point the tables you dined in will be removed from site to make space for a dance floor. The most fascinating thing about the design is the floor. Yes, you read right, the floor. Thousands of beautifully painted tiles form a colorful mosaic that give the place it’s personality. The food is inspired by Peru and Mexico. The best thing about the food is that you would never be able to make it yourself at home (unless you are a chef yourself). No nachos and cheese here, every dish is sophisticated and beautifully presented.

Where: Lille Kongensgade 14, 1074 Copenhagen


El Viejo Mexico

Needless to say, the restaurant offers Mexican food. The restaurant takes the best and most popular Mexican dishes and adds the quality and sophistication that other places choose to save on. The design is also representative of Mexico. The typical pig leather armchair, the heavy wooden tables and the Aztec art work give the place a rustic charm. The Restaurant is small and romantic and the food is exquisite. Real tortillas, real salsa, real guacamole, and real Mexican stews. It is a relaxed and casual option if you are looking for a Mexican meal that is more than just nachos and burritos.


Where: Store Kongensgade 61, 1264 Copenhagen


Yuca Taco

Their tortillas taste just like the ones you would get in Mexico, the shredded pork stew and the shredded chicken stew both taste exactly the way they did when I was in Mexico. Every bite transported me back to those years I spent in the Yucatán peninsula (A Mexican area). Sadly, there is one huge difference, and that is price. For 60kr you could easily get 10 tacos in Mexico, but then again, nothing is cheap in Copenhagen, and these tacos are well worth the money. Yuca Taco has earned its place for having the most authentic tacos in Copenhagen. Sadly, though, there is no restaurant. Yuca Taco is a food truck, so you have to be updated on their where abouts if you want to catch one of their delicious tacos. Check their website to see their weekly schedule.




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