In The Mood For Watersports! Copenhagen Cablepark

For those daredevils out there that enjoy speed and sports, this is the perfect summer activity!


Copenhagen Cablepark (CCP) is a wakeboarding water park, but unlike many wakeboarding parks, CCP does not use speed boats to pull skiers, but instead uses suspended wires.

Much like in a zip line, you will get pulled forward, except in this particular wire you will reach a speed of 30km/hour. If you are a fan of speed, this activity cannot get any better. For those of you who have not tried wakeboard before, or whose skills are a bit rusty due to lack of practice, there is an easier, slower wire which is very beginner and/or kid friendly.



There are two cables you can choose from. The Main Cable is the larger one, and there is no need to have a reservation for it (although there might be a 20 minutes waiting time). It is made up of 6 stations which together form a circuit. The main cable is perfect for those who have some skills in wakeboarding, skating, snowboarding, or kite surfing. However, it is still possible to do this circuit with very little skills, it is you who decides if you want to add in tricks, or if you just want to get the feeling of being dragged. The second cable, 2.0 Cable, is a simple two stations wire in which you just move back and forth. It is perfect for those who have never tried wakeboarding before or for groups with children. It is important to note that you need to book a time for 2.0 Cable.


There is no need for you to bring your own wakeboard, you can rent everything you need, from wakeboards, to wetsuits, to life vests, and everything from a professional wakeboard to a beginner wakeboard. There are also changing rooms and lockers and a cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is simply the perfect summer day activity, and for those of you who fall in love with it, you will be happy to hear that you can also get a season pass so you can wakeboard all summer long.


The prices differ depending on the cable you pick and on how many hours you wish to wakeboard. Kids who are 16 or less have a discount but must be accompanied by an adult. The cheapest deal you can get as an adult is 1 hour for 150 kr. or 2 hours for 225 but this price only applies to those who bring their own gear (wakeboard). If you need to rent gear the price is 300 kr. per hour, 425 for 2 hours, or 450 for a whole day pass. To see more price details, check the link bellow.


So challenge yourself to something new, or rebuild your skills and go wakeboarding this summer in one of Scandinavia’s best wakeboarding parks.


Open hours:

Summer 2016 (May-August)

Man-Friday: 12:00 – 20:00

Sat-Sun: 10:00 – 18:00


Address and contact information:

Kraftværksvej 24, 2300 København

Telefon: +45 32 96 92 90



Price and booking:

To see more about their cables:

To see their menu:






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