Get Your Groove On At Copenhagen Jazz Festival

If you are a fan of Jazz, you are going to love summer in Copenhagen.

Since 1970 the Copenhagen jazz festival has been embracing the city with smooth tunes. The festival last for 10 whole days, starting from Friday the 1st of July until Sunday the 10th.


Over 500 concerts and gigs are featured during these 10 days, in various locations all over the city. Wherever you live, a jazz concert will be taking place just around the corner. The concerts are both big and small and short and long. They may take place during the daytime at a cafe, or at nighttime in a bar, or at a concert hall, alongside the harbor, or even in an open air stage in your favorite park. Jazz will be everywhere.


Some concerts require you to book a ticket, see the link below to get more information regarding schedule and price, but there are also a great number of free concerts. It is also possible to buy tickets at the gate of most concerts, so don’t be afraid to show up spontaneously. It is an event that focuses on providing people with great music and giving them a community feeling. The festival actually recruits volunteers, so if you want to ensure you get entrance to the biggest concerts, why not volunteer? See the link below for more information on volunteering.

It is a very international event, where most visitors are from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Britain, United States and of course Denmark. Performances are also very international, with performances from jazz musicians all over the world. Kids and families are all welcomed.

To see more information about this year’s jazz festival:

To see this year’s schedule:

More information on volunteering:

Contact information (for those who have more questions or would like to volunteer):


So, get your groove on and go be a part of Copenhagens jazz festival.

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