The 5 Best Brunch Places in Copenhagen

In case you are hungry as a baby dinosaur

Brunch is the perfect meal that combines the best of breakfast and lunch and gives you an excuse to drink champagne at noon. Why should you be torn between deciding between fluffy pancakes and syrup or crispy bacon and eggs when you can have both!

So whether you are feeling like you deserve a treat, or you want a romantic thing to do during the weekend, or you are as hungry as a baby dinosaur after that exhausting night out and bottle of wine, a brunch sounds like a good idea.

So here is a list of Copenhagen’s best brunch options:

Nimb Luksus brunch

This is the type of brunch you choose to celebrate a birthday or getting a 12 in your exam. The word ‘luksus’ is very explicit of what the experience is all about. The price might not be as modest as other brunch options, but neither is the experience. The luxury food options the offer include scrambled eggs with truffle oil, oysters, pan seared tuna, cocktail sausages, the finest pastries and more! However, the deliciousness does not stop there, included with the price comes an egg Benedict and a glass of the finest champagne. It is worth every kroner to get this amazing food experience so join me and go book a table now.




Café Norden

For those of you who enjoy the atmosphere as well as the food, this is the brunch for you. The café is right in the heart of one of Copenhagen’s most famous street (Strøget), and if you are lucky and go right before summer starts you might get to see all the high-school students celebrate their graduation by getting into the stork-fountain (a Danish tradition that makes quite an exciting show). Café Norden is a very stylish café that values the quality of food and presents their very generous portions in a beautiful way. They also offer the most delicious homemade elderflower juice that I have ever tried.



If there is anything that makes a meal better, is the combination of an excellent meal and a good movie, and Slut is the restaurant that gets closest to offering this. The restaurant is inside a film school that is located on a very famous street (Gothersgade) right in front of the Kings Garden (a park) and Rosenborg slot (a charming little castle). The very elegant and stylish restaurant is decorated with famous movie posters and the food is exquisite. It is definitely a good way to start your weekend, and even better if you get a chance to walk around the park and visit the castle after you have had your delicious brunch.



Caffe 22

If you are visiting Copenhagen, you will always remember this restaurant as ‘the charming place next to the lake’. It goes without saying that Café 22 is located right next to one of Copenhagen’s lakes. However, if you get a table outside, do go in and take a moment to appreciate the rustic and romantic interior of the restaurant. The food is as good as the view and atmosphere, with right out of the oven bread and freshly squeezed juice. It is a restaurant that you remember not just because of the food, but because it is just so terribly charming!

Salon 39

If you can, why not start your morning with a blue cheese Martini? That is exactly what you can do at Salon 39. How often does a bar offer brunch? Do not miss the opportunity accompany your brunch with a Mimosa, a Prim Royal or a Prarie Oyster and head on over to Salon 39 (don’t be scared, you can also order some freshly squeezed orange juice if you prefer). Salon 39 is as precise and careful to make the best cocktails, as they are to make the best brunch meals. From their French eggs Benedict to their American cheeseburgers, the food is delicious.




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