Craving a Burger? These are 4 of the Best Burgers Resturants in Copenhagen!

There is a time for fine dining, lobsters and champagne, and there is a time for casual wear, burgers and beer.

If you are looking for a more relaxed and down to earth gastronomic experience, why not go for a burger? However, you don’t want any burger, you want to make sure the meat patty is juicy, the bread is soft on the inside and crispy on top, the cheese is creamy and oozing out to the sides, and if possible, that there is a slice of crispy bacon hidden inside.

If the sentence above just made you crave a burger, take my advice and head over to one of these restaurants to satisfy your burger craving.

XO Burgers

XO Burgers has two shops, one is very centrally located (close to the Tivoli Gardens), and the other is in Frederiksberg. If you want the classic ‘dinner-and-a-show’ OX might be the perfect pick. Its close proximity to the Tivoli Gardens and the Palads cinema are a great advantage if you want to make your evening out more exciting. OX Burgers stand out by using high quality ingredients. They use only organic meat, and homemade bread and dressings. I know most people prefer to accompany their burgers with fries, but I would strongly recommend that you order a plate of mashed potatoes as well; because it is the creamiest, cheesiest and most comforting potato-mash I have ever tried.

Cock’s and Cows

If you want your money’s worth, Cock’s and Cows massive burgers are meant for you. However, their burgers are more than just huge, they are also out of this world delicious. If you want to spoil your taste buds, order The Illegal (with guacamole, salsa and jalapenos), or perhaps Ze Brazli (with chili-grilled beef, fried buffalo mozzarella and chili mayo), or perhaps The Governator (with double the beef, double the bacon, double the cheddar and onion rings!). Choosing between any of these burgers is as hard as choosing what to wear on a first date. But whatever you choose, it will be delicious, and don’t forget to order chili fries on the side.



A slider is the same as a burger, except it is shrunk to a junior size. It is meant to be so small that you can eat it with one hand, and to be honest it looks a lot more elegant to eat. The best thing about smaller burgers is that you get more than one kind. A dish is often made of three different sliders (aka junior burger) so you can have more food experiences than if you just got one burger. Now, although people often just order 3 burgers, you are allowed to order up to nine different ones (with pork, duck, chicken, vegetarian, you name it, they have it). The place has a rustic yet stylish interior décor, and it serves your meal with a view of the Dronning Louise Bro bridge.




If you want good quality burgers, and amazing service, Halifax is the perfect place. The thing I like most about this place is that you can customize your burger with up to 20 different ‘add-ons’ and create your own perfect burger. Their vegetables are fresh, the buns and spongy and their meat and vegetarian patties are packed with flavor. The second best thing about Halifax is that they have six different restaurants, so wherever you are in Copenhagen, you are not far away from one of their burgers. To see which one is closest to you click on the link bellow:

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So there you have it, four amazing burger places for your casual dinner date.


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