Calling all those salad lovers out there: Learn how to easily cut cherry tomatoes!

They liquify themselves every time you try to make them thinner… What can you do to avoid it?

Let’s face it, the most annoying part while preparing your lunch or dinner has always been cutting the vegetables. Even though you consider yourself Masterchef biggest fan, or you’re the next yogi-to-be and you can’t avoid eating veggies, the cutting step requires time and patience. Lots of patience.

Take the tomatoes for example: they liquify themselves every time you try to make them thinner and, eventually, you end up with sticky hands and a kitchen that reminds you of an episode of Game of Thrones. So what can you do to avoid it? The solution is very simple and quick, check it out!


What you need:

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • 2 plates
  • 1 knife


What to do:

Step #1: Leave the tomatoes on a plate.

How to cut Tomatoes

Step #2: Put your second plate on top of the tomatoes (it should be matching the one you already used, same size and shape).

Hand and plate

Step #3: Hold the plate on top with one hand, in order to make the tomatoes stay; while with the other hand, cut them ‘clockwise’ with the knife.

Cutting Tomatoes

Step #4: Gently remove the plate on top… et voilà!

cut tomatoes


Your tomatoes should be perfectly cut in the middle and they ready to be served.  Watch the whole procedure step by step, in this video from Handimania!



I had to share this with you, guys!  I know how it feels like to spend 15 minutes trying to cut these holy tomatoes!

Enjoy 😉






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