The 3 Best Pizza Restaurants In Copenhagen!

If you are craving the best pizza slice ever, you have to read this!

Pizza, the most treasured Italian dish of all, and the best thing about it, is that the best pizza is rarely in fancy restaurants. Forget white table cloths, expensive silverware and a fancy waiter, if you want great pizza, you have to venture into family owned Italian restaurants or small hidden coffee places. We can all agree that pizza when it is good it is great, and when it is not, it is still pretty good, but sometimes ‘pretty good’ is just not good enough. In moments such as these, when you are craving the best pizza slice ever, I would recommend that you go to one of the following options:



Mothers has its name because they chose to use sourdough, which is the mother of all doughs because it is requires a lot more ‘taking care of’ than normal engineered yeast that is found in most pizza doughs. This dough is so good, that people who would normally be leaving out the edges of their slices will be eating every crumb. It is also rumored that sourdough is easier to digest which means you won’t be bloated, and an hour later you will be ready to dig into your doggy-bag. Both the menu and the decor are minimalistic but stylish. The rustic wooden tables and the white floor tiles combined with modern red ceiling lights make a perfect fusion of old and modern. However, the design is not what will remain in your memory, what will stick to you for a long time is their delicious hard to equal pizza.

Where: Høkerboderne 9, 1712 København V



What makes pizza better? Neighbourhood has the answer: cocktails! What used to be a dodgy area of Copenhagen has slowly but surely been transformed into a trendy and lively place booming with new restaurants and bars. Neighbourhood is located in Istedgade, a street which used to be infamous for having love in every corner (aka escorts). But don’t let this spoil your dinner because Neighborhood has the best pizza in town! It is such a clever idea to match your Italian dinner with a refreshing cocktail, it simply works! The use organic ingredients and follow authentic Italian recipe, but they make it lighter, thinner, greener, crispier and top it with the most creative and delicious combinations. Their cocktails are home-infused and made with seasonal combinations so they are so refreshing and packed with flavor.

Where: Istedgade 27, 1650 København V



Gorm’s has three restaurants in the inner city and one in the famous shopping center Fields (Amager). After working out an appetite by shopping in Fields, me and my friend decided to try Gorm’s. Gorm’s pizza earns points for being innovative in their design. The restaurant will remind you of being in a basketball stadium. Gorm’s has arranged their tables to have theater seating, so the tables at the far end are higher than the ones closer to the center. This creative design makes the design memorable, but the pizzas are also hard to forget. They follow classic Italian recipes and use high quality ingredients. The cherry on top of Gorm’s is that the owners are red-wine aficionados, so you can accompany your pizza with great quality red wine.


Torvehallerne Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K

Fields, Arne Jacobsens Allé 12, 2300 København S

Nyhavn 14, 1051 København

Magstræde 16

These are the top three places to go for a slice of pizza. There is something more to these restaurants than just getting food, they make eating a simple slice of pizza into an experience.








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  1. Good places, but to say its the absolutely three best places is a bit of an overstatement. Several great places that have not been mentioned at all. Like “Bæst” in Nørrebro.

    Also the mentioning of “Neighborhood” and the area being “dodgy” is kind of misleading. The area has been heavily gentrified, but it is now more a mix of the trendy and dodgy. A lot of the old working class charm and social problems have disappeared though from the vesterbro area. But still plenty of social problems around. .

    • Hello Andy! Thanks for your comments! We are just highlighting those placer that we constantly hear feedback about. Feel free to let us know if you want us to include certain place.

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