The Best Food Market Of The Summer: Kødbyens Food Market

Are things not better when they are exclusive or limited? I think they definitely are!

Are things not better when they are exclusive or limited? I think they definitely are, and Kødbyens Food Market is exactly that. Kødbyens Food Market only happens during the summer period and is exclusively reserved for Saturdays.

Up to 70 different food stands are set up in the new meatpacking district in Copenhagen. The stalls sell both high quality food products, such as olives, cheese, pastries and more, but many others also sell ready-made meals. One of Kødbyens Food Market values is diversity, so there is everything from Mexican, to Greek, to Italian, to Danish, to French, to Vietnamese, or American, you name it, there will be a stand that sells it.

The Kødbyens Food Market (mad market) is also a great social event. There is a great lively and young spirited atmosphere, and people of all ages, with families or friends, get together to share an amazing food experience. It is truly one of the most amazing food markets that I have ever visited.

When: It will be open until late August every Saturday from 10:00 – 18:00

If however you wish to stick around a bit longer, the area is filled with new trendy bars in which you can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine.

So before all the Saturdays of this summer run out, be sure to head on over to Kødbyens Food Market.


Check out their website:

Many thanks to our friends of The Kødbyens Food Market for the visual material for this article! You rock!  Thanks to Jason Nguyen as well, for the cool Youtube video!

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