The Best Candy Shops in Copenhagen

This is the real Candy Crush!

When I ask for candy, I’m not asking for much… All I want is over 40 different types so I can get all my favorites! Perhaps I’m asking for more than the average person, but I have a huge crush on candy. I love to be able to mix and match different types. Luckily for me, blend-it-yourself candy shops have become a popular trend in Copenhagen.

Now, I would not be a true Copenhagener if I had not been forced to move apartments at least once, and unfortunately for me, that has happened four times. The positive side of this is that I got to know many neighborhoods, and as soon as I moved into a new place, I made sure I knew which was the best candy store in the area. So without further ado, here is a list of the best candy shops in Copenhagen

Candy Mega Store

For those living far out in Nordvest, this candy store is one of the perks of living on the outskirts of the city. The word ‘Mega’ suits this shop like a sleeve. Mega, huge, epic, call it what you want, the point is that this shop is three times bigger than the average candy store. So go big or go home and head on over the Candy Mega Store.


Where: Frederikssundsvej 58, 2400 København NV


Nuna Slik

Back when I lived in Amager, I would bike past this shop and try to convince myself that I did not need candy this week, but I always ended up pulling up my bike into the next turn, parking it against a building, and rushed back for candy. This shop has all the classic Danish candies plus exotic new kinds from other countries. It is the best candy shop I ever found in Amager.


Where: Amagerbrogade 32, 2300 København S


Nam Nam Slik

For those lucky ones who managed to find a place in Frederiksberg (my favorite neighborhood), here is your neighborhood’s best candy shop. It has a huge variation of candies and also sells sodas, ice-cream and loads of chocolate.

Min OCD sitre! #MogMs :) #slårstadigikke #namnamslik :)

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Where: Frederikssundsvej 26, 2400 København



This last one is quite far out, but deserves to be on the list because it has a great variety and allows you to mix and match candies which normally come in packages (for example the very popular Ferrero Rocher). It is the monopoly of candy stores in Hellerup, no other even comes close it.

Where: Strandvejen 147, 2900 Hellerup



This shop will get you the sugar rush of your life. There is an endless variety of different types of candy, including those that you don’t see in supermarkets, for example Kinder Bueno (only the best type of Kinder ever made). Last time I was there they also sold those huge 2kg Nutella jars that you only see in restaurants or for 100 kr. (less than half price). It is a shop full of surprises, and definitely the best candy shop in Østerbro.

Where: Østerbrogade 39, 2100 København

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