Beach, camping and grilling at Dronningmølle. A great spot in Nordsjælland

Clear water, nature in bloom and good vibes, just 45 min far from the noise and craziness of the big city.

The other day, my friends and I decided to hang out, having a “hygge-hygge” time together. We decided to get the most out of the awesome weather we had that day, because you never know when is going to change.   We left behind the city center and embarked ourselves in a road trip to the northern side of Copenhagen, called Nordsjælland. We wanted to explore new territories and find a nice place to have a picnic, and maybe spend some time swimming in the sea.  My friend Elizabeth suggested to visit Dronningmølle, a small town with beautiful beaches. There area also available facilities nearby where you can even go camping!

TIP #1: There are two ways to get there:  The highway E47, also known as  Helsingørmotorvejen; Or, if you have no rush, the old Strandvejen, which is a coastal road that will take you through a more peaceful and colorful side of Denmark.

We agreed to take the highway, as we wanted to get there as soon as possible!  After 45 min of non-stop driving, we arrived there.  We found a public parking area where you can leave your car free of charge.  To our surprise, the beach was just in front of us!

When I saw Dronningmølle beach, I forgot for a moment that I was in a Nordic country!  The beach was still not so crowded (it was 10:30 am), which allowed us to choose our spot.  We setup our picnic area, and put some towels in the sand to lay down and enjoy a well deserved sun bath.

TIP #2:  Make sure you bring along sunscreen products, sunglasses and a beach umbrella.  When the weather is nice and breezy, you can easily end up having painful sun burns.

Clear water, nature in bloom, good vibes and the best company, far from the noise and craziness of the big city.  What else could you ask for?  Oh yes… Some cold beers!

The beach is great for children, as it has shallow waters. However, it’s a good idea to wear flip flops when you first get into the seashore (the initial 2 meters), because it is plenty of stones.  As you get into the sea, you will be soon walking upon sand.


Soon it was time for lunch. We bough one of those engangsgrill (An engangsgrill is basically a disposable bbq grill). Unfortunately, it is not allowed to grill inside Dronningmølle beach area.  We headed to a place located 3 km aware from the beach.  We got to Munkerup, where we found a small park specially devoted to grilling.  What a perfect way to finish the day!


We had a wonderful time outdoors. We are already planning to come back to this place to repeat the experience and enjoy another relaxing session near to the beach.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to discover new cities and enjoy new culinary experiences in Denmark!

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