5 different ways to cook eggs that you need to know!

Are you bored to eat eggs the same way over and over again? You have to read this!

You probably know some methods, but it is also great to learn new techniques to improve your cooking skills.   Here we share 5 different recipes to prepare eggs that we recently found.  You should try this!

1. Scrambled eggs, turning the classic into fun! 

This one is considered one of the most versatile ways to cook eggs, because it gives you the  the possibility to mix them with almost every ingredient in your kitchen! Let’s see how Jamie Oliver prepared eggs in three different styles: English, French and American!   Take a look :)


2. Poached eggs: One of the most difficult cooking tests!

Isn’t easy to master the art for preparing poached eggs; But here we share with you the secret!  Find out more in this short video!


3. Scrambled and Hard-boiled eggs without cracking the shell 

The secret to the perfect scrambled-hard boiled eggs is to shake them well before boiling. Take a look at the video to learn how!


4. Eggs en cocotte:  Fancy and delicious! 

This French recipe involves baking eggs in a small ceramic pot called cocotte. You can add all the ingredients you want, to create really unique dishes. You just need an oven, boiling water and eggs.


5. Spanish Tortilla: The famous Spanish omelet with potatoes!

We all love Spain, it’s people and the wonderful spanish food. The secret to preparing this kind of omelet to perfection is to cook potatoes until they are golden, and keeping low heat. Learn how to make it here!



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