10 Tips To Help You Handle It In The Kitchen Like A Pro!

Alright, we got it. #instafood trend is really a thing now, and if you are an Instagrammer like us, you already know you cannot fail on your #picoftheday mission.


First, you need to choose carefully how to present your composition on the plate. Second, you need the right angle and a magic filter. Last but not least, you need to write a nice description in order to get thousands of likes and followers. Hey, it is a hard job someone must do it, right? 😉
Well, we thought you could use some extra tips and help you with some common doubts on the basis. We promise they will help you!

 1. Want to bake cookies? Use a glass to cut the dough.  

It helps you avoid the risk to cut yourself with a knife and it guarantees you always the same size!



2. Peeling the garlic: sometimes can be challenging, sometimes is the easiest thing ever.

Simply put the garlic inside two bowls and shake! shake! shake! – as Tyler Swift would say. In fact, each time the garlic hits the bowls it loses its skin. Done!



3. Cut those potatoes with an apple cutter.

One gesture and you’ll get the perfect french fries! It will take you just 5 seconds and it helps you cutting them in the same size.

Cut potatoes with apple cutter


4. Damn it! A piece of egg skin is left in the pan… 

There it is: raise your hand if it happened to you before… You break the egg and inevitably there’s a leftover in your pan. Ok, don’t panic! Just use one half of any cracked egg shell and use it as a scooper.  Egg shells will attract to each other like a magnet! Now you can continue with your omelette :)



5. How to bake Mexican tortillas at home like a pro?

Easy! As you see in the picture, you can hang them on your oven rack. It will help you also with giving the tortillas the right shape 😉

tip for tacos


6. Here’s how to cook your hamburgers even faster and better.

Press gently with your thumb in the center of each medallion, until it creates a hole, but avoid to pierce it. You don’t want a donut burger… even if that could still be irresistible! :)


7 Easily remove corn grains with your electronic knife.  

That’s how you save time without spreading the grains all over the kitchen!


Cutting corn with electric knife


8. Fruit and chocolate, what a combo! Would you say no to it?
C’mon, listen to the kid inside you! Instead of serving your dessert in a classic bowl, create a chocolate nest! How? Use some balloons, cover them with chocolate and wait for it to cool. Then, once you’ve checked and it’s ready you remove the balloons.

*remember don’t fill them with water because you’ll need to drill them in the end!

9. Don’t waste your time trying the make them the same size with a knife or even better, don’t waste your money on a super expensive kitchen equipment. Use your pizza cutter! 😉

10. How to keep your bananas longer even if outside the fridge?

No one ever remembers that a simple way to do that is to put aluminium foil over the top. This way you’ll save more days, trust us!


You can thanks us later! :)

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